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Brian Heil

Started out working at Fossil 9-5, while getting a college degree. He hated his job and disliked his future prospects.

He started a Shopify store because he was hearing about other people succeeding in this space, and started a 6 year journey into Ecommerce to try and succeed.

Eventually created a process to take a brand new store to 30k/month at 55% margins in 2 months, make 100k profit in 4 months, sell 250k worth of product, and sell that store to someone else for 100k.

Friends/Family were asking how to do it - so after selling he decided to build out the best training program possible in this space.


Ridwan Mao

Graduated from Ontario Tech University with an Honors in Health Sciences Degree.


Ran a successful online fitness coaching business for 2 years. Moved to a condo in downtown Toronto, enjoyed life and had fun with friends and GF. 


Pivoted into digital marketing consulting. Managed the lead generation team for an 8 figure online consulting company.


Connected with Brian through a mutual friend and discussed future business ideas. 


Partnered up to launch Ecom Transfer and build out the coaching program.

Maía Bush

Maía (my-ee-ah) is a Chicago native, java lover, serious foodie & world traveler.

Maia comes to the Ecom Transfer Coaching team with 5 years of experience in the E-Commerce industry.

She has worked with Fortune 500 companies as a Shopify Partner, and as a Brand Strategist helping small business grow their online stores.


Here's The Proof...


ABOVE PIC: Monthly breakdown of sales (12 months - No. 1, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2018) with a high of 35K USD


ABOVE PIC: Breakdown of all numbers totalling $251,194.85 in Revenue​

  • 0-250K in 1 year at 55% Margins

  • 7% Return Rate

  • 10% Discounted Rate

  • 4.7k customers

More Proof...


Images Left to Right: 

1) Breakdown of sales, sources and graph from Nov. 2017 - Oct. 2018

2 & 3) Shopify Sales Mobile Notifications


Images Left to Right:

1) Mobile platform screenshot of 1 day sales in progress

2) Pic of desktop screen showing previous day sales totalling 1.2K revenue

What Our Students Are Saying...

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